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Pure Cotton

A range of luxury cottons that also work hard, and perhaps a bit of sparkle. 

Pure Silks

A wide selection of types, preparations, and counts of pure silk. Classic perfection.

Regenerated Botanics

Plant sources, processed into spinnable fibre and then spun into lovely, soft yarn. 

Silk Blends

Silks blended with plan td animal fibre to create luscious yarns that are a joy to work with. 

Bast & Blends

Linen, hemp, ramie nettle, and pineapple, on their own and in blends, these combine strength and drape with a bit of texture.


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I write about techniques, dyes, and this little thing I call making cloth from string. 

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Helpful Details and a Bit About Us

After over five years of serving the textiles community we are now closed. Thank you for all of your support over the years!

We may offer very limited runs of special yarns from time to time down the road, have blog posts to share, and so on. Please join our mailing list so we can let you know of are any limited edition preorders or other updates.

You're also very welcome to join our Facebook group, which will remain the lovely community that it is. And we'll update our Instagram as well.

Please note that any orders still in transit are still being tracked and we'll follow along until all are with the customers.

So long and thank you!