50% Bowmont Wool / 25% Bluefaced Leicester Wool / 25% Tussah Silk Yarn wool 13/2nm 475g

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This gorgeous yarn is a blend of British wool and tussah silk. It’s sublimely soft, with a luscious feel in hand. It comes on 475g cones.

See below for full details and the story of this exceptional yarn.

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This yarn is soft and rich, gently lustrous, and feels beautiful in hand. 50% British Bowmont wool, 25% Bluefaced Leicester, 25% Tussah silk, this truly beautiful blend breathes but is warm and snug for autumn weather.

Bowmont sheep are a fascinating breed. Their fleece has exceptional softness, but the sheep are hardy. This wool comes from a flock of about 500 sheep that live in Devon, England. The Bowmont story is quite incredible. These are a variety of merino sheep bred to survive and indeed thrive in much more challenging British conditions. This breed nearly disappeared but one woman, who still owns and cares for the Bowmont flocks, Lesley Prior, worked tirelessly to grow the flocks and create a sustainable source for Britain-hardy merino. The softness of this wool is sublime, while the sheep are hardy enough to live in the fields of Britain, with Atlantic weather.

I wanted to include a small amount of one of my favourite wools, Bluefaced Leicester, in this blend, to add some more lustre and sheen. This wool is sourced entirely from flocks around Britain and it’s soft and buttery.

Finally, for some bite, and to further the lustre of the BFL, as well as to add additional drape and depth, I’ve chosen 25% tussah silk. Tussah is classed as a wild or uncultivated silk. Because the cocoon is broken by the moth chewing its way out, the fibres are broken and have a slight texture. If you’ve used our beloved 100% tussah silk yarn you know that it has slight “bite” without being heavily textured, and a slight glow.

This yarn comes in a count of 13/2nm, a great weaving weight to work with. This is natural, non-superwash woolPlease take care to not agitate, heat shock, or abrade this yarn, particularly while dyeing or wet finishing. We are not responsible for felting.

Of course we only use ethical wool and it is mulesing-free. We’ve partnered with an independent mill to produce this extremely luxurious, natural, and beautiful yarn.

This is a limited edition yarn. It comes on 475g cones, in a 13/2nm count. Please see Additional Information tab for more details.

Additional information

Weight 475 g
Yarn name

50% Bowmont Wool / 25% Bluefaced Leicester Wool / 25% Tussah Silk

Fibre content

50% Bowmont Wool / 25% Bluefaced Leicester Wool / 25% Tussah Silk

Yarn count nm


Yarn count ne




Yards per pound



475g cone

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