The big book of weaving straight selvedges

The big book of weaving straight selvedges

Crooked selvedges can be the frustration of many weavers. It looks so simple when the selvedges are razor sharp but getting those straight selvedges is another matter. I’ve compiled a big list of tips and opinions that I’ve worked out over the years to...

Why I love Louët looms

In my weaving studio I use and love Louët looms. Whenever textiles students are doing studio visits with me, they ask why I love them so much and they get my enthusiastic speech! I thought I’d put it down in a blog post to share some of the reasons I choose...

3 Excellent Yarns for Gorgeous Autumn Weaving

Very suddenly it feels like autumn in London. My studio is chilly and I even turned on my little heater the other night! I usually only have that going in deep winter so my feet don’t get cold while I’m weaving. With this fresh weather, I’m inspired...

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