How much does shipping cost? 
The best thing to do is to put your order in your basket and put in your postocde to get a shipping total.We will be adding a shipping fee table overview soon.

What does yarn count mean? How thick is this? Can you tell me about yarn count? 
Yes! Let’s talk about yarn count.

What size cone/ypp/weight/etc is this product? 
Check in the additional information tab on the product listings.  Here’s an example, for long staple cotton hemp.

Do you have stockists? 
Currently, no. We have worked very hard as a family-run shop for years to hopefully give the absolute best customer service and curated yarns and supplies we can. In order to ensure the best service, we currently sell directly and there are no authorised stockists.

Would you advertise in my journal/magazine/book/event/something else?
Maybe! We love to support the weaving community. Get in touch with us. Let’s chat!

I weave a lot. Do you do bulk/wholesale/business discounts?
Our product pricing and shipping are classed as wholesale/bulk. For ease of accessibility and to leave the choice with you, we have no minimum order size and welcome smaller retailer orders, though purchases are more optimal shipping-wise at certain shipping tiers. As the price on the site is already a competitive wholesale price, we do not offer additional discounts on top.

Do you offer sample packs?
Our plan is to offer comprehensive sample packs on the site. We are a tiny team so it’s on the list but please bear with us until we get a chance to do it! We appreciate your understanding. 

After over five years of faithfully serving the beautiful textiles community we will no longer be shipping after 30 November 2021.

There is now a sitewide 10% discount while stock lasts. There is a discount of 20% on orders £800 and over while stock lasts.

We are offering a sitewide discount of 10% on all orders and 20% on all orders over £800. Don't forget to check out books, tools, and everything else!

We will be shipping in batches - we expect up to ship approximately once per week or so, so please bear with us while we work through orders. This will take a while. We will not be able to give running stock updates so please get your orders in as soon as possible.

We may offer very limited runs of special yarns from time to time down the road, have blog posts to share, and so on. Please join our mailing list so we can let you know if there are any limited edition preorders or other updates.

You're also very welcome to join our Facebook group, which will remain the lovely community that it is.

Please note that EU orders will be shipped and standard retail orders - we prepay VAT and it is automatically cleared for you.

Finally, THANK YOU for all of your support! We love this community. So let's not say good bye, let's say so long!