Unfortunately this page has been removed. For a long time someone has traded on my name and my hard work, but it’s come to my attention that they have become bolder about selling their product using not only my personal name but my business name, my product photographs that I took myself in my own home, my product descriptions, and now links to my website. This, after years of pestering many suppliers in the yarn industry using my name.

I removed the product page for the product in question some time ago because this person kept sending people there, and now I see they’ve found this blog post and are giving that out to say it’s their product.

This shop and brand has no affiliation whatsoever with the person trading on my name. I have no idea what their quality is, what checks they’re doing, what their service is. We have not produced yarn in a year and a half and anyone purporting to be selling the same product is taking money based on someone else’s reputation.

Please do not allow people to claim the hard work of small businesses and creatives.