Used the new sectional beam and Warping Square to try out a short warp of scarves on the new sectional before the competition wrap gets under way!

Using slightly heavier cotton than I usually use, and mercerised too, this was a short (2m) warp in a brilliant plum colour. First scarf was an 8 shaft fancy twill from Weavolution and second was from Linda Cartac’s Falling Leaves draft (found here on ravelry).

First warp onto the sectional via Warping Square went on without a hitch and the tension was perfect throughout! For anyone who hasn’t used a Warping Square before, it’s a multi tool that makes skeins, makes chains, and allows direct warping onto a sectional. I got the motorized version and it’s fantastic. Takes a lot of agony out of warping!






They’ve been hemstitched and are just sitting around waiting for tidying up for final pictures!