The meeting of the London Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers this weekend was fantastic. I finally got myself to a meeting for the sole reason of hearing a talk by Kate Poland, one of the ladies behind Grow a London Garment. I’ve followed this project enthusiastically through social media and am so inspired, since it brings together so many things I am utterly passionate about: plants, textiles, ecological production, community engagement. What a brilliant presentation!

She said 70 square metres were grown across London, obviously with various levels of success considering weeds, who planted them, if they survived being in open urban garden, from dozens of tiny plots, some just a square metre.

Holding a garment that was entirely grown, processed, and made inside of the M25 is and all across London is a very rare opportunity and is frankly it’s humbling. We source our materials and supplies from across the world. Even with our supplies, we don’t always know where they come from. This was made from start to finish in schools, communities, tiny gardens. It really brings to attention just how many little pockets of green space there are in this city and what the possibilities are.

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