I wiled away the weaving hours of 2016 finishing up the ‘Secret Garden’ warp from the autumn. The first wrap came off and I’m thrilled with it. It’s a modified Griswold crackle with point treadling, warp organic cotton. The first wrap has a weft American in natural slub cotton and the second has navy Tencel weft.

It’s meant to look like morning in the secret garden….blue of the sky, grey stone walls, green shrubbery, red roses. One wrap for the morning, and one for the night.


Cutting that last piece off the loom is always so cathartic. Watching the fabric roll down is mesmerising. I’ll never get sick of the shock that I made fabric out of string!

Both wraps have been going out to the babywearing community as testers. It’s been very interesting to see the feedback! Secret Garden Dawn is blankety, grippy, thick, strong. Perfect for a toddler. Dusk has much more give and mouldability. Testers have been happy carrying big babies in it but I think it would be at its best with a little baby.


This was my last plain beam warp, too! I’ll do more but my default will be sectional from now on.