I found for this pattern on this blog and knew I had to make it. It’s so simple and elegant!


It’s 2×2/16 merc cotton from Handweavers, in ‘charcoal’ and ‘rose’. I had to modify the draft 3 times because I kept running out of pink warp yarn so this is really a streamlined version of the draft.

Initially I planned this project and dressed the loom for 16 epi and off I went. However, as I started I found one threading error in the plain weave, right in the middle of the warp and hated the sett. So I unsleyed the 12 dpi reed and removed the rogue thread then resleyed the same reed at 20epi. MUCH better, though it almost could go to 22 to be honest.

I’ve made a few mislifts (I guess that’s mistreadling on a table loom?!) but I’m putting aside my usual perfectionism to just get going and get this done. It’s fiiiine.

I’m already planning to make this again but with acid yellow triangles as a gift for a friend. I’m also thing of doing a grad from the triangles out to grey in the yellow.

Another thought is modifying this and using it for a baby wrap but I think that would require very fine yarn and very high epi to protect the long floats. That will definitely be another mission!