My educational background is in botany and languages, so it’s always been second nature to me to marry the technical and the expressive. My love is bringing together the scientific and mathematical with the artistic and creative.

I am a mostly self-taught photographer with ten years’ experience in a wide range of styles, including family, event, headshots, wildlife, urban, and landscape photography. I love to work with families of all descriptions to capture the candid joy of being together.  My shoots are primarily outdoors to have the opportunity to capture families in a relaxed and natural setting. I adore travelling around Britain and love to shoot on location as needed.

I’ve always loved working with my hands and have been making things since as early as I can remember, but after studying at the legendary Handweavers Studio & Gallery in London, I found a true love of my life with endless scope for learning & study. I specialise in handwoven wraps for carrying babies and children and am proud to be a member of both the London Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers, and the Complex Weavers Guild.

Outside of weaving and photography, I spend most of my time gardening, cooking, knitting, spinning, studying, birdwatching, and travelling this beautiful country.


Photographer & Weaver, Saltwater Rose Studio

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Saltwater Rose Studio is located in the southwest London borough of Richmond upon Thames. Photography is done on location around London, Surrey, and beyond.

Business Hours: Always online, always weaving, always taking pictures.

Saltwater Rose Studio